The Story of Miko

Miko was a seabird... Strong, brave, friendly...
The story of how he landed on Çandarlı and how he lived is now being told during friendly chats.

It was 1989 when Miko first met the people of Çandarlı. He had a small, cosy nest by the sea. He hosted many friends from Çandarlı, İzmir, from all around Turkey and even from abroad. Always accompanied by classical music, those chats added a different colour and beauty to this small fisherman’s village in the Aegean.
In time, Miko had so many friends that his nest could not fit in all. It was time to move to a big city.
So Miko flew towards İzmir, taking the wind behind him. He found an isolated street in the middle of the town. In the dark of the night, this street had no lights, no stars, no passersby, no ‘soul’. A street that was lost among the sounds of laughter.
Miko loved this street.
Like he loved the sea, like he loved olives.
Before building his nest, he began with cleaning up the street, giving life to it.
He built a nest for himself and for friends, which smelt of sea. 
And again tables were set for friendly chats. Narrow was the street, but Miko made it appear wider with the flower scents and friends’ hearts. He named this beautiful and lovely street of İzmir after a beautiful Turkish personality, the courageous poet Can Yücel. Friends not only from İzmir, but from entire Turkey and even from abroad loved this new nest of Miko located in the Can Yücel street.
Miko lives like an Aegean. The way of life Aegean in the Can Yücel street.


When you enter Can Yücel Alley on Kıbrıs Şehitleri (Cyprus Martyrs’) Street, at the heart of Izmir, you can see Miko Siesta Café at the center. Being named after a sea bird, Miko reflects the heritage of Aegean Region with its marine themed decoration. The artifacts of vessels used in decoration of Miko worth seeing.

Miko is not only a place for dining. Highlighting its slogan; “The venues give a town its essence, and the townsmen keep venues alive”; it contributes to town’s cultural heritage and makes the guests feel the Aegean roots.

Miko Café, regulars of which once included the well-known Philosopher and Poet Can Yücel, claimed his name to be given to the alley after Yücel passed away. Can Yücel’s eikon stands before Miko Café, which enabled the “Can Yücel Alley” to be named after him. Besides, Can Yücel is commemorated with his table bearing his name in Miko.

The tables in Miko, regulars of which include artists, journalists and politicians, bear names of such significant people. This attitude reveals cultural heritage of the café.

Miko, fights against fast food in order to keep Aegean culture alive; brings herbs, cheeses, sea food from Aegean cuisine to your table. In addition to unmatched tastes of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine, you must surely taste specials of Miko Café. Good food is accompanied by good music in Miko. You must stop by Miko to experience a true café culture in the company of good music, good food, zestful talks; to get to know Aegean culture.


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